Are you ready to start getting real, lasting results? I can help you rewire the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, so that you can get to where you want to be easily and effortlessly.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Claire, a certified coactive coach and certified in Rapid Transformation Therapy. I’ve worked in coaching for the last ten years, helping hundreds of women identifying their limiting beliefs. Once I’ve done that, I help them rewire their story so that they can make lasting change. I’m also passionate about health and well-being. Femtastic Coaching combines the two, offering a transformative programme to help busy women revamp their health and change their lives.

Use coaching to transform your life

Does this sound like you?

Most women have the desire and the basic knowledge of how to live healthy, lose those extra few kilos, eat well and integrate exercise into their routine. Implementing this – and sticking to it! – can be a different story…
Many also fall into the trap of thinking it’s all about willpower. Who has the energy when you’re a busy, working woman to leave it to willpower? This is the trap where woman fall into fad diets that don’t work and leave you feeling more frustrated and stuck than ever before, not to mention putting all the weight back on again or more once you return to your old habits.

About the Program

This eight-week programme focuses on rewiring those limiting beliefs that are holding you back. We'll create the foundations that'll help you reach the place you want to be - easily and effortlessly. While you’re forming good habits I'll be your accountability partner and I'll help you every step of the way. In this programme, you'll do the inner work, which will help you achieve results on the outside. It’s not a fad diet that'll let you regress to your old habits once it stops. This programme is about gaining lasting results, ultimately changing your life for the better.

What do you get?

How I'll help you

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I know how to get to the crux of why you’re not getting the results you want.

I will pair these techniques with a good training and fitness plan that suits your lifestyle.

I'll ensure you are accountable while integrating it into your life.

So if you want to feel strong and powerful mentally so that you can look and feel healthy and confident, opt-in to gain more information.