Hi, welcome to Femtastic Coaching, I’m Claire the face behind the business.

I’m an Ozzie living in Denmark with my Danish husband, 2 bonus children (the Danish translated term for step children, which I just love) and 2 Danish/Australian children.


I am passionate about travelling, the outdoors, sun (yes I miss that greatly living in the Nordics), coffee and my family! ☺ Love a night of good dancing although they are few and far between these days. I’m also passionate (and maybe also a little bit obsessed) by all things related to exercise, nutrition and self-development. I love to understand the science behind things and check out the new gadgets on the market. These days, I’m equally passionate about balance.

In my 20’s I was always extreme – I’d spend hours working in the gym but then ruin it all by partying all weekend. I was like a yo-yo going from being a health nut to a party nut.

Since having children and being forced to prioritise, I’m all about finding the balance and the place where life can be lived sustainably. The 80/20 rule where exercise and healthy nutrition is the majority, mixed in with wine and chocolate for sanity and enjoyment. 


My career for the past 10 years has been in Career Coaching, working with executives in post -graduate education. I have an MSc in Business Psychology, I’m a certified co-active coach and Rapid Transformation Therapist. Through this training and experience, I’ve learnt a lot about mindset and limiting beliefs that I felt could really be applied to my passion. I have a firm belief that most people have a desire and some basic knowledge on how to live healthy but it is our limiting beliefs that set us back. Add to this, I know first-hand how hard it is as a busy woman and mother to ensure that you carve out a little bit of time to look after yourself!

This is where Femtastic Coaching came to life.


My philosophy

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